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Safety valves are necessary for your own protection
It is always necessary to install a safety valve, which can protect the system from excessive pressure due to malfunction, to the output of a hot water generator. This device takes care of lowering the excess pressure and of bringing back the internal plant pressure to acceptable values.
This [...]

Pressure regulators for industrial uses
In the catalogue section dedicated to methane we find the range of FG and FGB series of pressure regulators designed and constructed for adjusting the pressure of methane gas or propane in civil and industrial applications.
With high accuracy they use the balancing technique in order to obtain [...]

The right temperature on the boiler thermostat for savings
The correct exploitation of the heating system is regulated by a fundamental component which is the boiler thermostat: it contributes to setting the room temperature.
Exposure to high temperature results in a too high reduction of room humidity and therefore generates breathing problems in [...]

Key features of brass threaded fittings
A wide range of brass threaded fittings is available in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue, articles made from raw material certified by suppliers. The careful choice of the latter ensures compliance of the alloys both with technical demands and with international certification.
Both CW614N bars, from [...]

Which are the standards for meter valves?
For connections to the distribution network and to the meter it is necessary to use meter valves which guarantee the interception of the fuel fluid and the isolation of the system from the network.
Made with a closing ball, these meter valves conform to EN331 which defines all criteria for [...]

Some virtues of brass manifolds

A fitter certainly has many advantages when choosing brass manifolds for implementing systems, whether they are sanitary or heating. The use of these items ensures assembly is more economical as the use of less rigid pipes speeds up the installation phase. The reliability of the system is [...]

Choose gas taps from our catalogue
The more the user requirements, the broader the proposals by the GNALI BOCIA company in the field of gas taps, which you can find installed on stoves and burners, whether civil, industrial or camping and outdoor applications.
Starting from the needle version, passing through the cone ones to [...]

What we need to know about mini control units
When you need compact solutions for connecting multiple users to a single tank in gas fired plants, the best solution is to use mini control units; we can find them in various models in the special catalogue.
GNALI BOCIA has always tried to meet the needs of the end customer in terms of ease [...]

Automatic air relief valves also for radiators
Impurities present in heating installation fluids, generally water, can lead to generating dissolved gases which tend to accumulate in the highest points of the circuit, including radiators. Air relief valves placed on radiators allow discharging air accumulation outside the system as this can [...]

Fail-safe aspects of the fuel shut-off valve
When we talk of system safety, we immediately think of a fail-safe device such as the fuel shut-off valve which interrupts the fuel flow to the boiler when a higher temperature than the pre-set safety one is registered on exit. Calibration of a complex mechanism such as the fuel shut-off valve [...]

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