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Electrical resistances for water heating
We find electrical resistances for heating the system fluid both in domestic and industrial systems, be they part of pressurised circuits or free. They are produced by inserting a filament inside a copper tube, when this is crossed by the current it produces heat. This is separated from the [...]

Fail-safe aspects of the fuel shut-off valve
When we talk of system safety, we immediately think of a fail-safe device such as the fuel shut-off valve which interrupts the fuel flow to the boiler when a higher temperature than the pre-set safety one is registered on exit. Calibration of a complex mechanism such as the fuel shut-off valve [...]

Stainless steel flexible tubes model FL286
The GNALI BOCIA catalogue offers non-extensible model FL286 stainless steel flexible tubes whose length of two metres maximum corresponds perfectly to the new EN14800 regulation. They are made from a corrugated pipe of austenitic stainless material which ensures the stainless steel flexible [...]

Balanced pressure regulators for civil and industrial applications
Regulating gas distribution pressure may be done through locally installed pressure regulators, particularly for low and small flow values. However, when the pressure and flow values are much higher we can use balanced pressure regulators. The models produced by GNALI BOCIA are spring loaded [...]

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