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Air vent valves and their important functions
The need to control and maintain certain pressure values in containers has led Gnali Bocia to develop systems that are able to fulfil these objectives. The air vent valves have an automatic mechanical system that controls and maintains pressure without the assistance of an operator. The air vent [...]

Hydraulic fittings and their usage in various sectors of interest
Gnali Bocia has been selling and producing hydraulic fittings for a long time. The technological processes used are different and turn rough brass into a fitting. The first operation the material is subjected to forging, a process which brings a metal up to high temperatures and deforms it [...]

Electrical resistors' characteristics
Electrical resistors were created to fulfill the need to heat water or other fluids and especially to use water in domestic settings. One of the examples that springs to mind is the use of electrical resistors inside boilers or water heaters. The Gnali Bocia catalogue includes different types [...]

The use of water manifolds in heating installations
Water manifolds are essential components for floor heating installations of homes and offices and for systems that convey heated water in working environments of different types. This is why Gnali Bocia designs and sells different types of water manifolds. The production caters for different [...]

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