Gnali Bocia

The GNALI BOCIA company, founded by Gnali brothers at the end of 70 years, is specialized in production of pressure regulators, valves and fittings for LPG, Technical Gas and Water. Thanks to the long experience and to the acquired know-how in the LPG field, the company actually represents an important reference point in its national and international market section. The constant and appreciated increasing of its own products range allows the company to offer to its clients a complete product range, right to satisfy most of markets’ requirements.
A particular attention is likewise turn both to the quality of the products, realized according to international standard, and underlined to the company certification ISO 9001. The high quality standards and the continuous effort to optimise the quality-price ratio show how the Company Gnali Bocia is engaged in new technologies and human investments to consolidate its own positions, satisfy customers and set the basis for the future.

Hydraulic fittings and material internal stress

GnaliBocia Hydraulic fittings of brass with gas thread for sealed connections in plumbing and heating systems >>
GAS Series
WATER Series