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Shut-off valves prevent the risk of cavitation
In the sectors using valves, critical situations very often occur that can damage the valves, at time very seriously. One of these conditions is called cavitation. This is responsible for the formation of air bubbles inside the valves, which then implode producing a characteristic noise. The [...]

Thermostats for hydraulic sysyems
One of the devices of thermoregulation and temperature control is the thermostat, often used to avoid over-heating of the electric resistance inside the water heating system, causing damage within the structure. Generally thermostats possess a mechanical or electronic device which aims to [...]

High and low pressure regulators designed by Gnali Bocia
Pressure tanks that work containing fluid have to remain in certain working conditions that include given temperature and pressure conditions. The passage through which the fluid passes from a pressured tank placed at the beginning(a monte) and another pressured tank placed at the end(a valle) [...]

Materials used to produce air vent valves
One of the requirements noticed in the systems that use air as a flux is the need to evacuate the excess load of air to guarantee the flow within the primary work circuits. This is the main aim of air vent valves. The opening mechanism of the valve is guaranteed by the stainless steel spring, [...]

Many lpg systems use gastaps
In a society interested in the safety of  people and operators that work in close contact with  unfavourable conditions, an extra possibility to guarantee higher levels of protection is given by gastaps. These components are developed in the Research and Development sector of Gnali Bocia, [...]

Hydraulic connectors designed by Gnali Bocia
Gnali Bocia’s hydraulic connector range  is designed completely within the Italian plants in Brescia. Producing many types of hydraulic connectors,the fields that the hydraulic connectors are destined for are many and range between domestic,sanitary and industrial,covering the whole sales [...]

Electrical resistances used for pressure boilers
The process of heating  water and its transport to the user characterizes the problem  which  Gnali Bocia has invested time to improve.The technology regarding boilers,pressured or free, that allows the heating of water from room temperature to running capacity and  that allows  that [...]

Tubes in lpg are guaranteed according to specific regulations
Lpg tubes are only one among many products that Gnali Bocia produce within its Italian plants,in Brescia. These products are sold in Italy and  worldwide,allowing Gnali Bocia to stand out as a leader in the design and sales of lpg tubes. These tubes are produced in stainless steel.The [...]

Materials that form heating headers
Heating headers are obtained by plastic deformation of a metal at a temperature higher than the typical recrystallization temperature of that metal. In reality we speak specifically of recrystallization because the microstructural change takes place within a fixed temperature range.  Gnail [...]

Management of safety gas valves
Everybody knows about accidents in domestic environments that affect gas leaks caused by multiple types of malfunctions or by a series of incorrect usage procedures. Precisely for this reason, Gnali Bocia has paid great attention to this, trying to get safety valves adaptable in all situations [...]

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