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The right temperature on the boiler thermostat for savings

The right room temperature regulated by the boiler thermostat promotes a healthy environment

The correct exploitation of the heating system is regulated by a fundamental component which is the boiler thermostat: it contributes to setting the room temperature.
Exposure to high temperature results in a too high reduction of room humidity and therefore generates breathing problems in people; a too cold environment because a boiler thermostat is set too low, leaves a sense of discomfort due to the feeling of damp.
But a good solution for well-being doesn’t only depend on the thermostat, in order to obtain optimum yield the boiler should be adjusted to the lowest temperature possible, this is because the combustion heat should not be wasted through the exhaust of the fumes into the atmosphere, fumes that remain colder. Maintenance of the system is also important although, despite legal requirements, it is often overlooked and leads to a rapid increase in consumption.
The boiler thermostat may be installed in a single point of the house, usually in the living area, so as to regulate the environment that is most used, but for large houses or those which develop over several floors it is useful to install several controllers in order to optimise the temperatures in the various areas.
Another useful detail for a correct energy saving is the use of thermostatic valves to be applied on the radiators in order to control the temperature in each individual room.


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