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The air release valve helps us reduce the noisiness of pipes
Sleepless nights forced awake by the air bubbles which noisily run through our home pipes, instead of counting sheep we count the bubbles? There is a solution to this problem: to install on the radiators or the accumulation points of every plant an air release valve, which enables the [...]

Brass manifolds processed and checked by modern machines
The processing of brass manifolds is done at the Lumezzane plants through the use of last generation machines, that simultaneously deal with all the junctions, be they two, three or even four. The marked automation of loading and unloading operations enable high productivity levels. In order [...]

Flexible water supply hoses in stainless steel for health care uses as well.
Realized in stainless steel and corrugated, flexible water supply hoses, with their capacity to endure being stretched till nearly double their initial length, allow the easy and durable connection of user devices to the water supply. The material they are built with, instead, ensures total [...]

The quality of electrical resistances for heating
Starting as usual with quality materials, at the Lumezzane plants the whole range of electrical resistances for heating water or other liquids are produced inside the most disparate devices, though chiefly boilers or heaters for civil applications. The main element of electrical resistances [...]

If you have little space for your needs, use our power packs
More fuel tanks to link to a single user system and little space, this equation nearly has as its natural solution power packs, which we might find in a wide range on the GNALI BOCIA catalogue, a collection of items capable of satisfying all the modern design solutions. Power packs prove [...]

The pressure regulator's functioning
The functioning principle of a pressure regulator is based on the flow-lamination of the gas that goes through it, and on the loading-loss that generates on this passage. Such lamination is obtained by a piston that is connected to a regulation spring, the bench-calibration of which, allows [...]

The installation maintenance and the boiler safety valve
In a heating system with thermic generator, or in any kind of close-circuit installation, a device that guarantees the safety of people as well as the one of the system itself, is certainly the boiler safety valve. Prime quality materials such as the CW617N brass and the anti-sticking rubber, [...]

The quality of processing on the threaded brass fittings
In one of the sections of the GNALI BOCIA catalogue, we can find the threaded brass fittings, which allow an easy junction (universally recognised) for the creation of plumbing installations. Processed from a stamped brass semi-finished product that is designed to optimise the costs as well as [...]

Intercepting valves, suitable for all types of fuel
When we’re choosing the intercepting valves to be applied on an installation, we must keep in mind a number of factors. The choice of diameter indeed depends on the type of fuel that we intend to transport in order to feed the generator. Usually, 1/2’’ intercepting valves are used in [...]

Tubular resistors' production process
Starting from a brass alloy of prime quality, our factories create the basis from which the tubular resistors’ range is then created. They can guarantee a complete interchangeability with the other products present on the market. All of this is due to the use, in our factories, of latest [...]

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