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System safety with the boiler safety valve
The boiler safety valve is a necessary heating system safety device which ensures that the plant is not damaged, but more importantly that safety is not jeopardized, in the case of a sudden increase of pressure exceeding 3 bar. 
Its action is to allow the discharge of water from the plant when [...]

The brass fittings series for general use
The selection from the GNALI BOCIA catalogue includes a series of very specialised articles as well as an ample range of brass fittings suitable for every purpose in the realization of both water and gas plumbing systems. 
The brass fittings are made ​​with the best alloys available on the [...]

The right pressure regulator model
You can find a pressure regulator suitable for each use and each type of fuel in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue. They are generally used to make the pressure of cylinder gas compatible with the end device. They are usually employed for portable kitchens or devices, or in the field of camping where [...]

Distinctive features of the fuel shut-off valve
A fuel shut-off valve is fundamental for an installation’s safety. These devices interrupt the fuel flow to the boiler before the temperature of the liquid circulating in the system exceeds the free-air boiling point of water. Once the safety device has been tripped, we will have to wait [...]

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