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Brass manifolds complementary to hydraulic fittings
For the sanitary distribution or for the heating systems, the choice often falls on the brass manifolds, devices that combine the practicality of the connection to the modularity, but above all to a considerable saving of space. And perhaps this last feature is the one that makes the choice in [...]

Air vent valve controlled by a float
We know that the air vent valve is the cure to eliminate the accumulations of air from the systems that besides generating the well-known noise in the pipes, can generate obstructions in the pipes or worse cavitation in the pumps and lastly also corrosion phenomena . The first step to reduce [...]

Ball gas valves for the interception
A section of our catalogs is dedicated to ball gas valves, dedicated to the fuel interception either on the system along the pipes or in the terminal position before the user appliances. In addition to the classic full-pass model with lever, there are also angular models of gas valves with a [...]

Electrical resistances for heating water
The electrical resistances for heating are useful in all those occasions when it is not possible to heat water or fluids through the use of a flame for safety or security reasons, or simply the presence of a fuel distribution network. Their purpose is to bring the fluid to a useful temperature [...]

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