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Protecting hot water heaters through pressure reducers for water
When water pressure might pose a danger to our plant, we cannot avoid pressure reducers for water at the entrance of plants. This enables us to avoid breakages of such sensitive devices as hot water heaters, and thus avoid higher costs for their restoration. The presence of pressure reducers [...]

Limiting corrosion in tubular electrical heating systems
Realized with high purity copper pipes, tubular electrical heating systems spend most of their time dipped in water, constantly warming up and cooling down, controlled by a thermostat, capable of being fitted directly on them, which we are able to find in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue. On coming [...]

Two categories of brass pipe fittings
At its Lumezzane plants, GNALI BOCIA produces, through last generation systems, a complete range of pipe fittings realized in brass, both of generic and of multi-layer type, an important segment of the market.
Inside these sections, we find pipe fittings in the most common forms, such as [...]

Materials and labelling of methane gas pipes
The national scenario of methane gas pipes is regulated by the reference UNI CIG 7140 standard, which lays down the guidelines for the marketing of non-rigid pipes, in order to connect low power devices to the domestic gas distribution network. What is meant by low power is kitchens and other [...]

In the event of an emergency, the shut-off valve comes into operation
The shut-off valve is the ultimate device that allows the flow of fuel to the user to be interrupted upon the occurrence of conditions endangering the safety of the installation. One of these condition is when the limits of the operating temperature are transcended. This parameter is [...]

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