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Materials and labelling of methane gas pipes
The national scenario of methane gas pipes is regulated by the reference UNI CIG 7140 standard, which lays down the guidelines for the marketing of non-rigid pipes, in order to connect low power devices to the domestic gas distribution network. What is meant by low power is kitchens and other [...]

In the event of an emergency, the shut-off valve comes into operation
The shut-off valve is the ultimate device that allows the flow of fuel to the user to be interrupted upon the occurrence of conditions endangering the safety of the installation. One of these condition is when the limits of the operating temperature are transcended. This parameter is [...]

Manifolds for sanitary installations with locking screw
The range available on the GNALI BOCIA catalogues include the series of manifolds for sanitary installations equipped with a shut-off valve located on each output. The presence of this device makes it possible to lock every single user with a view to facilitating possible maintenance [...]

Recapitulation of the characteristics of air bleed valves
Let us run through the properties of the air bleed valves available on the catalogues of the GNALI BOCIA company. Produced from the starting premise of a brass body, their use targets the elimination of gases dissolved into the fluid of installations, which gather in heaters or in the highest [...]

Flexible water tubes made of stainless steel
Flexible tubes for water can certainly be found among our particularly important articles. Made of corrugated stainless steel, they connect devices to the water or heating systems. One of their uses, for example, is to connect the boiler to the domestic water and heating system. The material [...]

We order hobs with gas taps
The range of products made by the GNALI BOCIA factory in Lumezzane is completed by a set of gas taps that are suitable for being fitted on modern kitchen hobs. Unrefined material forged with brass is processed by cutting-edge numeric control machine tools to obtain gas taps, the closing [...]

Pressure reducers as protection for the installation.
We often come across, along the roads, construction yards busy repairing aqueduct conducts damaged by the pressure of water, which is introduced in order to compensate, on the one hand, the increased number of users, and on the other hand the existing losses. At that point, pressure reducers are [...]

Brass manifolds for the sake of water distribution
In plumbing systems, ample use is made of brass manifolds, which enable a good modularity, thanks to their realization and connection method. We may in fact assemble articles of the same range, though with different derivation numbers, until the necessary ones to users’ requirements are [...]

Electric tubular heaters capable of offering better resistance to corrosion.
From the premise of a highly pure copper pipe, capable as such of better resisting the action of salts dissolved in water, a wide range of electric tubular heaters, capable of safely heating the fluid found in tanks and heaters, is realized through bending. However, the bending of the pipe is [...]

Greater safety with the shut-off valves of the fuel
Even the shut-off valves found in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue are realized in CW617N brass, moving from the premise of a body forged and then plated that is capable of ensuring resistance to the action of combustible fluid. Every other component is chosen by lending priority to the product’s [...]

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