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The manifolds: choice and benefits
Why use a manifold? The choice of a manifold inside a system generally allows to obtain a series of important advantages: • Possibility of creating zone systems: it allows the distinction in more independent systems between them. As far as heating manifolds are concerned, this is [...]

Brass fittings: the choice of the alloy
What is brass? Brass is a metal alloy whose main components are Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn). Inside the family it is possible to distinguish binary brasses, composed only of copper and zinc, and ternary brasses, which have another alloy element besides the two main ones. The percentage of zinc [...]

The use of pressure regulators in oxyacetylene welding
What is oxyacetylene welding? Oxyacetylene welding represents the welding technique in which the energy is produced by combustion in equal parts of acetylene and oxygen. This methodology, discovered in 1895, was the most used during the first decades of the twentieth century, before being [...]

Compensated pressure regulators for gas
A range of articles that has an added value, even if not well known, is that of balanced pressure regulators suitable for large flow rates for use in high, medium or low pressure systems. Their use is particularly useful in civil and industrial environments to reduce the pressure of methane gas [...]

Gas taps with pin or conical closure
In the construction of the gas taps, the locking system used most frequently is the pin system or in some cases with a conical seal. This is because the safety of the tapered metal-on-metal seal is still the best available. The opening and closing control is entrusted to a micrometric screw [...]

Mini-control unit to save space
The connection of several tanks to a system can be carried out by means of a control unit or a mini-control unit. Both have from 2 to 4 leads and are equipped on each derivation with a shut-off valve. This valve allows to replace one of the empty tanks without stopping the flow of gas to the [...]

A wide range of technical articles for gas
The production of technical articles for gas requires the use of selected and certified materials coming from trusted supply chains. The brass used comes from leading Italian companies specialized in the production of bars and semi-finished products. This combined with cutting-edge processing [...]

Stainless steel flexible hoses for water and gas
We have two types of stainless steel flexible hoses in the section dedicated on the company catalog of our products, and both are made of corrugated stainless steel and can be extended up to twice their original length. For the construction of these stainless steel flexible hoses there is used a [...]

High automation for installing the safety valves
When we talk about safety valves we must distinguish between two large families, the one destined to the safety of gas burners and the one for the prevention of overpressure in the systems in which they are present or a boiler or an electric boiler. These are products that have been developed [...]

Materials for brass fittings
In the plumbing and heating systems the brass fittings are one of the primary elements together with the tube that can be metallic, and in this case it is screwed directly to the fitting or composite, such as multilayer. And then there is the need to use special brass fittings with an ogive that [...]

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