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Electrical resistances for water heating
The use of electric heaters is essential where you want to develop the heat necessary for the applications of interest such as, for example, the water heating systems inside domestic systems. The correct design of the systems also involves the study of the most suitable configuration for the [...]

Check valves: types and differences
Types of check valves Check valves, or non-return valves, are fundamental components within the circuits, especially for hydraulic circuits, as they allow flow in one direction only, avoiding problems such as: - Backflow of pump delivery pipes; - Emptying of the system in case of shutdown or [...]

Safety valves for gas blocking
Why install gas block valves? Gas systems are fundamental resources within both civil and domestic buildings but hide a series of pitfalls closely related to the fluids that are conveyed inside the ducts. In fact, a fundamental characteristic of these gases is their flammability and the [...]

Gas fittings: study, design and production
The study, design, production and putting into operation of gas fittings, as well as the related technological development, are highly dependent on the type of gas that is conveyed within a circuit. In fact, the chemical and physical properties can have an enormous impact both on the construction [...]

Brass curves in the world of hydraulic fittings
In the vast world of hydraulic fittings, some components that are always present within the circuits play an important role: the elbows. These components, as can be guessed from the name, allow to obtain direction variations and to join pipes that have axes directed in different directions, thus [...]

Electrical resistances for heating water
In plumbing systems, many times, it is not possible to use burners or flames to allow the conveyed water to be heated. This prohibition derives from legislative reasons but, above all, from regulations that aim to regulate the health and safety of all the people who live or may be in the [...]

Using safety valves equipped with thermocouple
Safety valves represent fundamental components within systems and circuits as they allow to reduce the risks associated with malfunctions and failures that can always occur during operation and that can lead to more or less serious problems for persons and environments that are nearby. In [...]

Brass manifolds are beneficial for so many reasons
The family of manifolds is an important group within the production of Gnali Bocia. In general, the use of manifolds is privileged due to a number of important characteristics of these components: - Modularity: makes them suitable for different applications and, in particular, for use in [...]

Methane gas Pipe legislation
Methane gas pipes are fundamental components within the systems and, for this reason, the regulation that concerns them is essential to avoid malfunctions or problems of various kinds. The main legislation dealing with this issue is UNI-CIG 7140, the latest version of which dates back to March [...]

Mini-control units: the UNI-7131 standard
The UNI-7131 regulation, the last revision of which dates back to May 2014, serves to regulate the design and installation of LPG gas systems not connected to the distribution network. In addition to this, it also establishes the basic rules for replacing the cylinders connected to the [...]

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