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Pressure preducers in hydraulic systems
The choice and installation of pressure regulators (or pressure reducers) for a hydraulic system is essential. In fact, the water supplied by the public distribution network is often at higher pressure values than what a domestic user actually needs. The reason for this surplus of pressure is [...]

Stainless steel flexible hoses for water and gas
We have two types of stainless steel flexible hoses in the section dedicated on the company catalog of our products, and both are made of corrugated stainless steel and can be extended up to twice their original length. For the construction of these stainless steel flexible hoses there is used a [...]

Safety valves and block valves
The systems that carry combustible gases require precise and reliable control systems that can intervene in the event of an anomaly of any kind, avoiding accidents and even serious malfunctions that can compromise the operation of the systems themselves and endanger the people who are found in the [...]

Electrical resistances for heating water
In plumbing systems, many times, it is not possible to use burners or flames to allow the conveyed water to be heated. This prohibition derives from legislative reasons but, above all, from regulations that aim to regulate the health and safety of all the people who live or may be in the [...]

Air vent valves even for boilers
The boilers require the assembly of air vent valves in order to achieve maximum efficiency during their operation, since an abnormal accumulation of gas (released in the system and due to the heating of the fluid) could block the whole system. In fact, air is mainly a double problem: on the one [...]

Types, characteristics and production of PVC LPG pipes
What is LPG? LPG, an acronym for liquefied petroleum gas, indicates a mixture of low molecular weight hydrocarbons that are in the liquid state thanks to the modest compression required for the change of state which facilitates its transport and storage. It is an odorless gas that is odorized [...]

Water pressure reducers: types and installation
Water pressure reducers are fundamental components for the construction of systems and for the management of aqueous fluids. In fact, they allow the pressure of the fluid to be reduced, making it suitable for some applications in which it must be used. The experience and precision of Gnali Bocia [...]

Manufacturing according to standard of hydraulic fittings
The world of hydraulic fittings is wide and very varied, as it includes different types of fittings that differ from each other in terms of type, application, dimensions, materials and other aspects. In particular, in the Gnali Bocia catalog there are different types of hydraulic fittings that [...]

Operation and description of the multilayer fittings
Speaking of fittings, it is necessary to distinguish two main categories: • Fittings to tighten (or to screw) • Press fittings (or to clamp) In addition to these, there are a series of modular manifolds that allow you to create differentiated systems that are in step with the times, [...]

Methane gas Pipe legislation
Methane gas pipes are fundamental components within the systems and, for this reason, the regulation that concerns them is essential to avoid malfunctions or problems of various kinds. The main legislation dealing with this issue is UNI-CIG 7140, the latest version of which dates back to March [...]

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