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Brass mini power-packs working on CNC machine tools
The mini power-packs, like all the other products in the GNALI BOCIA catalog, are made at our factories in Lumezzane. The chain of suppliers guarantees precision and high quality raw materials to create safe and reliable products to be placed on the market, but above all in compliance with [...]

Plastic hoses to connect gas utilities
For the distribution of the gas especially in the final stretch from the main pipes, usually made of metal, plastic hoses or rubber flexible hoses are used even if the latter material has a much shorter duration. The new materials, such as PVC, make it possible to extend the useful life of the [...]

Gas valves with ball lock
Made with ball lock, the gas valves are supplied in different versions, both straight and angular to be used in any civil or industrial installation. The opening and closing command is carried out by means of a lever or a butterfly control, in some cases designed to avoid accidental opening and [...]

Brass fittings for water CW 617 N
The process of construction of the fittings for water starts from the processing of the brass bar, that is cut into pieces of suitable size which then pass to the hot molding phase or commonly defined forging, which creates the initial semi-finished product. The material is brass of the two [...]

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