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The operation of shut-off valves
Boilers are generally equipped with a system able to monitor the temperature of the liquid (generally water) flowing inside the circulation system. It is essential to monitor the maximum and minimum temperature of the liquid in order to ensure a suitable temperature. The temperature control [...]

Safety guaranteed by Gnali Bocia gas taps
Strict standards are in place to ensure safety to all people close to possible dangerous sources such as LPG, methane and other gases. The standards must guarantee that the prevention and protection measures are sufficient to avoid any accident by drastically lowering the risk threshold. In [...]

The range of tubular heating elements
Every home and workplace has at least one water heating system that serves all required utilities. In response to demand, the engineers of Gnali Bocia have introduced a vast range of products to their company catalogue, with the precise aim of meeting all clients' needs. And it is for this [...]

Series of requirements for hydraulic valves
To ensure the safe use of the hydraulic valves, the engineers of Gnali Bocia, a leading company in the sector of connecting elements, have to meet the design demands of the components to be sized. The process starts with selection of materials, which already implies a first selection of the [...]

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