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Precautions when assembling flexible water hoses
Correct installation of the water hoses is essential to make this component work properly, which has become increasingly important inside, especially, the hydro-sanitary systems. It is important to note, however, that at the time of delivery, the tube is accompanied by the assembly [...]

Nickel-plated brass: an excellent choice for multilayer pipe fittings
The starting point: brass Brass is an alloy consisting mainly of Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) which is characterized by high qualities of ductility and malleability, as well as good resistance to corrosion. The machinability of the machine tools is good, but the toughness of the material tends to [...]

The importance of air vent valves in radiators
The radiator is a heat exchanger used inside cars to cool the temperature of the cooling water leaving the engine. Usually it occurs through contact with air and, once the temperature has decreased and an adequate value has been reached, the water continues its cycle and is used again to cool the [...]

The use of the pressure regulator in LPG systems for the automotive sector
The use of LPG or methane gas to power cars is increasingly growing in the global automotive market thanks to both a reduction in costs and an eco-sustainable vision of the transport sector. Focusing on LPG, consumption compared to a classic petrol engine is about 20% higher but the advantage lies [...]

The fuel shut-off valves: operation and advantages
Fuel shut-off valves are important components within a system as they represent a positive action safety device. The main role played by this device is to intercept and block the fuel before it reaches the burner, thus avoiding the boiling temperature of the circuit entering the system from being [...]

The operating principles of water pressure reducers
Water pressure reducers are fundamental components within water systems and their operation is crucial to make the whole system work properly. The main role of these components is to keep the fluid pressure constant for the user even if pressure fluctuations occur upstream of the reducer [...]

Types and main characteristics of LPG gas fittings
Within the Gnali Bocia catalog, you can find a series of products dedicated to systems that carry fluids such as LPG. Among these, the fittings for LPG gas take on particular importance without which it would not be possible to create very complex and functional arrangements to supply numerous [...]

The safety valves designed and produced according to PED guidelines
The PED 2014/68 / EU directive is a directive drawn up and issued by the European Union Parliament on the design, construction and installation of components and pressure devices to ensure the safety of systems and the persons in contact. It does not represent the first legislation in the field [...]

The UNI-CIG 7129 standard and flexible water tubes
In the design and construction of water systems, flexible hoses for water are very often used, i.e. pipes that can be adapted to different regimes and configurations. Generally these pipes must comply with the UNI CIG 7129 standard for marketing all over the world: Gnali Bocia, in fact, has [...]

Industrial electrical resistors combined with effective thermostats
Industrial electrical resistors are a component of considerable importance for the development of heat within industrial systems. Their study and design must be carried out accurately in order to ensure effective operation and minimize the losses that may develop within the circuit in which they [...]

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