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Modularity in brass manifolds' creations
One can easily obtain multiple extensions to an installation with the use of brass manifolds, like the ones that can be found on the GNALI BOCIA catalogue. By being modular, they allow the creation of the necessary number of connections for an agile management of a distribution system. In the [...]

Our worldwide products for thermohydraulics
The company GNALI BOCIA can count on a wide range of products for thermohydraulics that are able to satisfy every need in the design and installation phases of both domestic and industrial plants. The vocation for exporting products for thermohydraulics has made it so that they could reach [...]

Using water pressure regulators to save up
One of the complementary functions that the water pressure regulators perform when being inserted into implants, is the one of allowing a considerable saving of water; a great advantage for the costs that all families must be dealing with. Indeed a reduction of 6 bar from the entry to 3 bar in [...]

Various models of flexible rubber tubes, compatible to all gases
 On the GNALI BOCIA’s catalogue, we can fine the flexible rubber tubes range to be used for connecting utilities to a domestic distribution network or to fuel tanks, in the case of portable appliances. The flexible rubber tubes are manufactured with materials compatible with the gases that [...]

Mini control units; UNI 7131 guidelines
For the connection of various LGP tanks destined to the fuelling of a utility implant, the UNI 7131 suggests the use of devices such as the mini control units equipped with two or three stopcocks, which allow to switch cisterns without the dispersion of gas into the environment. The document [...]

Eliminating dissolved gases' bubbles with air vent valves
Once again, we return to the topic of air vent valves; a valid help to eliminate the gases dissolved in the fluid that transports heat in our implants. Studies tell us that if, at the absolute pressure of 1 bar, we increase temperature from 20 °C to 80 °C , the maximum number of litres of [...]

The stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and threaded brass fittings
Applying metallurgic knowledge to the threaded brass fittings teaches us how the alloys used in the creation of these products, if not treated correctly during all phases of manufacturing and even of installation, could suffer from a phenomenon known as Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). GNALI [...]

The versatility of GNALI BOCIA's water manifolds
Beginning with the pressing of semi-finished product of considerable dimensions, derived from CW617N brass, begins GNALI BOCIA’s production chain for water manifolds. The subsequent processes are carried out in the Lumezzane facilities, by the use of latest-generation CNC (Computer Numerical [...]

Advices for a good utilization of tubular electric heaters
Tubular electric heaters are usually resorted to inside open or pressurized water boilers or heaters, in order to get the fluid, normally water, to heat. For the sake of a better operation, their assembly should be done in a vertical position, but, especially, always submerged by the fluid to [...]

Construction characteristics of pressure stabilizers
In the areas where the supply pressure coming from the network is not constant, a family of necessary accessories for the power supply of a plant is that of pressure stabilizers, which we might find in the catalogue of the GNALI BOCIA company. Their construction allows one to absorb even the [...]

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