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Brass manifolds are beneficial for so many reasons

Several benefits result from use of brass manifolds for heating purposes in modern installations

The family of manifolds is an important group within the production of Gnali Bocia. In general, the use of manifolds is privileged due to a number of important characteristics of these components:
- Modularity: makes them suitable for different applications and, in particular, for use in specific cases, modifying their arrangement based on customer needs;
- Functionality: the role of the manifolds is to bring together the fluids deriving from different users and redirect them in turn. This component allows, therefore, to also control the flow rates, allowing an optimization of the outgoing fluid based on the characteristics of the incoming fluid.
The choice of brass to make this type of component derives from the application needs that accompany the decision to use manifolds. In fact, in addition to the need to have acceptable mechanical properties (with a resistance to breakage and impact that allow to maintain the integrity of the component even in the case of stresses and impacts), a fundamental aspect to consider is the resistance to corrosion: brass allows the component to have a prolonged duration over time, reducing the number of maintenance and replacements. For this reason, in addition to the correct choice of the type of brass to be used (usually CW617N), the type of treatment to be performed also plays a fundamental role.

Types of manifolds and additional accessories

As anticipated, the manifolds represent an important sector of the production of Gnali Bocia as regards the components for the management and conveyance of fluids.
In particular, it is possible to find:
1. Brass distribution manifolds: in the catalog there are manifolds with 2, 3 and 4 distribution ways which, between them, have variations connected with the type of threads present for the connection, the type of nuts for fixing and the overall dimensions;
2. Modular brass manifolds: they can be built on the basis of customer needs and meet an idea of modern "customization". They too have differences within the macro categories based on the size and types of threads available;
Furthermore, there are a series of accessories that can play an important role in the correct functioning of the manifolds:
a. Knobs for manifolds;
b. Fixing screws;
c. Control valves for the tap;
d. Multilayer pipe adapters.

The correct choice of the manifold in relation to the type of system on which it will act, in addition to the arrangement of the accessories necessary for correct operation, is a fundamental requirement to minimize malfunctions and, therefore, future corrective interventions: for this reason , the dialogue between customer and manufacturer can allow a comparison aimed at the optimal choice for each type of system.


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