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Protecting hot water heaters through pressure reducers for water

Pressure reducers for water in normal or compact versions for a variety of maximum peak usage pressures

When water pressure might pose a danger to our plant, we cannot avoid pressure reducers for water at the entrance of plants. This enables us to avoid breakages of such sensitive devices as hot water heaters, and thus avoid higher costs for their restoration.
The presence of pressure reducers for water, in fact, avoids overloading sensors and actuators, which in modern hot water heaters are found in large quantities, and while they facilitate an optimal performance of the device, they also introduce critical points in the system.
As we had stated earlier, however, the presence of pressure reducers for water facilitates savings, too, if we consider that they partly impact on the flow rate as well, by simultaneously increasing heater efficiency.
In the GNALI BOCIA catalogue, we may find pressure reducers for water to offset action, which are capable of maintaining pressure adjustment for a wider range. It is moreover useful to know that there are both a normal and a compact version, the latter one capable of withstanding up to a PN16 pressure.


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