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In the event of an emergency, the shut-off valve comes into operation

Shut-off valves and security valves prevent damages to the thermic system.

The shut-off valve is the ultimate device that allows the flow of fuel to the user to be interrupted upon the occurrence of conditions endangering the safety of the installation. One of these condition is when the limits of the operating temperature are transcended.
This parameter is symptomatic of a lack of control, and might result in a dangerous rise in pressure, as such capable of inflicting damages even to the people found in the building. In that event, the shut-off valve sees to the task of cutting the gas flow and thus shutting down the burner.
Being a positive safety device, the shut-off valve operates even in the event that the connection with the measuring sensor is interrupted, which is done in order to ensure maximum protection. This likewise entails that, in the event of an intervention, apart from temperatures falling back within safety parameters, the reset is carried out through a manual command.
Production at the Lumezzane plants takes place by using last generation machines that ensure very high precision and repeatability, and by following manufacturing and control procedures governed by a strict quality system founded on the ISO 9001 standard. This further enables every shut-off valve to easily pass the test and the requirement of bench certification approved by the control body, INAIL.


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