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Safety valve and assembly onto the water heater

The safety and check valve must be fitted onto the water heater inlet for it to operate correctly

The valve for the water heater is a fundamental device for this type of application as it allows to reduce waste but, above all, it guarantees a high level of safety both for the systems and for the people who are in the vicinity. It therefore appears evident that it does not only represent an important aspect such as the design and construction according to regulations of this type of components, but it is also a necessity.

In particular, this type of valve allows to obtain two functions at the same time:
-    Safety: it is obtained by means of a spring that acts on a shutter. If the detected pressure value of the fluid exceeds the maximum allowable calibration value (typically 8 bar), the shutter is opened and allows a discharge with liquid leakage until an allowable pressure value is reached;
-    Retention: it is obtained by means of a gasket and a patented "anti-drip" system that allows you to avoid unpleasant leaks and drips that reduce the efficiency of the system and compromise its ideal operation.
Another important feature that can be found is that the valves can have manual or automatic emptying. In the first case there is a lever that can be operated manually by an operator without having to disassemble the valve itself, while in the second case there is no such lever. In any case, regardless of the possibility of manual action, they are designed so that a modification of the “factory” setting of the component cannot be carried out by personnel not authorized to perform this function.

The constituent elements of the valve for the water heater

The valves present in the dedicated section of the Gnali Bocia catalog have common constituent elements:
-    Body: made of EN 12165- CW617 N brass, it constitutes the external body of the valve;
-    Springs: made of stainless steel, they perform the function described above in conjunction with the shutter;
-    Gasket: made of "anti-sticking" synthetic rubber, it guarantees the seal of the component avoiding leaks or malfunctions that can damage the efficiency and performance of the entire system.
These are the main components, although there are other details always made of brass or with the use of heat-resistant plastic materials.

Other functional features of the valves for the water heater

Other important aspects concerning this type of components, as for all devices that carry gaseous or liquid fluids, are the maximum allowable values of pressure and temperature. As regards the latter, the maximum permissible operating temperature is approximately 100 ° C; on the other hand, as regards the calibration pressure, the standard value is equal to 8 bar, even if other calibrations can be made on customer request.


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