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Shelves for gas meters: available positions

Within the Gnali Bocia catalog, with reference to the products for LPG gas, you can find a series of shelves for gas meters. The function of these components, as the name implies, is to house the gas meter in the systems.
Usually, it is composed of some parts that play a fundamental role:
- Ball valve with lock: of which subsequently we will analyze the available positions;
- Pipe;
- Fixing clamps
- Nuts and gaskets.

The material usually used is CW617N brass for the body, the sleeve and the ball; the o-rings are made of PTFE; supports and pipes are made of galvanized steel.

The positions of the valve

The valve, which certainly plays a central role, can have several positions:
1. DELIVERY POSITION: it is the position with which it is supplied and is called "closed". The key is positioned horizontally with the smooth side facing the observer's right.
2. NORMAL POSITION: this is the position obtained by rotating the first position 135 ° clockwise. This is the classic position where he works "open / closed". An important characteristic of this phase is that the key cannot be removed.
3. OPENING POSITION OF USER: rotation of 90 ° with respect to position 2. In this case the valve is "open" and the key cannot be removed.
4. LOCKING POSITION OF USER: from position 3 a rotation of 135 ° is made in an anticlockwise direction. The valve is open and, through a 90 ° rotation in a clockwise direction, it can move to the closed position.
These are the positions that can be activated with the user key but there are two positions that can only be activated with the passepartout key available to the provider.
5. MOROSITY POSITION: this position is obtained by rotating position 1 through 180 ° by using the passepartout key. This key can be removed once the rotation is complete. The main advantage is that in this position it is not possible to intervene with the user key and it is locked in the closed position.
6. RETURN TO NORMAL POSITION FOLLOWING THE MOROSITY POSITION: it is the reverse passage of phase 5 by means of a 180 ° anticlockwise rotation. At the end of this operation it is possible to intervene on the valve position (from one to four) by using the key available to the user.

What is meant by the term morosity?

As we have seen, in the points five and six of the positions of the valves in the shelves for gas meters the term morosity appears which, referring to the vocabulary, indicates a situation of insolvency of a debt. Basically, the morosity position can be activated by the distributor body at the request of the supplier body in case of non-payment of the gas bill. Obviously the transition is not immediate but a notice is required before the suspension of the service. In addition, it is important to note that moving to another supplier body does not cancel the morosity situation but the distributor body can intervene and change the valve position only in the presence of the documentation certifying the payment of the morosity due to the previous supplier.

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