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Using water pressure regulators to save up

The presence of water pressure regulators reduces the waste of the precious fluid in the heating passage

One of the complementary functions that the water pressure regulators perform when being inserted into implants, is the one of allowing a considerable saving of water; a great advantage for the costs that all families must be dealing with. Indeed a reduction of 6 bar from the entry to 3 bar in the implant, corresponds to a saving of around 40 litres daily per person.
But what is this decrease due to? One of the most occult kinds of consumptions owes to the wait for the water to be hot at the right point. The water pressure regulators reduce pressure and, partially, also the flow. By doing so, they increase the boiler’s efficiency even during these transitory moments when the precious liquid is usually wasted.
On the GNALI BOCIA catalogue one can find the complete range of balanced water pressure regulators, both in the standard version and in the ‘mignon’ one, with a significant reduction of the spaces necessary for the installation.
The balancing in the water pressure regulators guarantees an accurate setting even to the ample variations of entry-pressures, whilst its robustness allows reliability over time. The materials used are of prime quality and this further guarantees their durability.



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