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Methane gas pipe in rolls complying with the UNI CIG 7140 standard

Methane gas pipe in rolls to be cut to size while always abiding by the chunk lengths dictated by the standard

We have spoken in a previous post about the connection between the methane gas pipe and the UNI CIG 7140 standard that regulates characteristics and tests it must be subjected to. Our product, reinforced through a fabric layer and manufactured in PVC, a material particularly resistant to this type of gas, is certified IMQ precisely in order to meet the requirements laid down by this standard.
As regards this category of methane gas pipe, according to the parameters of the standard it must be able to withstand a maximum operating pressure of 0.2 bar, inasmuch as its assembly is carried out from the premise of pipe chunks cut directly from a roll.  They are shod on joints that need to have special characteristics, as demanded by the UNI 7141 standard, and the methane gas pipe must accordingly be secured with hose clamps made in compliance with the indications provided in the same standard
Likewise, the diameter values of the methane gas pipe and the associated thicknesses are regulated by the reference standard. This product is marketed by our company in non-separable rolls 50mt long, which the installer or the user may cut depending on the necessary measurement, bearing in mind that the maximum length of the chunk is itself stipulated by a standard.


See also
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