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april 2011

Metane gas pipe and slippage test

The UNI CIG 7140 standard envisages a slippage test to be run for the safety of the methane gas pipe and the installations.

The production of devices complying with the UNI CIG 7140 standard, such as the methane gas pipe, should be backed up, besides a certified production management system, by a whole series of type tests, to be conducted during the initial stage in order to validate the process and periodically ensure consistent results.
Among these tests, which the methane gas pipe is called upon to pass, there are also those run under pressure, from the burst test, to gauge the maximum resistance of the product, down to the slippage test.
The last-mentioned test consists in assembling the pipe on two fittings complying with the prescriptions of the UNI 7141 standard without resorting to a hose clamp and, after closing one of the ends, beginning to increase the inner pressure. In order to ensure people’s safety, the methane gas pipe must not slip (= untwist) at a lower pressure than 1.5 bar.
This test is important because, if for any reason the contribution of the clamp under normal operating conditions is lacking, we must avert gas leaks capable of saturating environments and engender explosions.


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