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Thermostats for tubular electric resistances

Check the function of the tubular electric resistances through the bimetallic control thermostats

As already mentioned in other articles, the tubular electric resistances produced and marketed by GNALI BOCIA are made of pure copper, a material that ensures a long life even when used with particularly hard water. But to make these devices work properly, we must combine a thermostat that continuously regulates its operation, namely that there are no cases in which the tubular electric resistances do not start or continue to heat without stopping.
This second hypothesis is the one hat could lead to an increase in the temperature and consequently of the pressure inside the heating system creating a situation of serious danger.
But the precision and care in the realization of the thermostats to be combined with the tubular electric resistances followed by control methods developed and consolidated in an ISO 9001 quality system is able to give reliable and precise regulation systems over time.
Each device is constructed by providing housing and contacts for the probe and the electrical control system. The technology has been refined over time and is based on an extremely reliable control system, consisting of a bimetal lamina that allows closing and reopening of the contact based on temperature variations.


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