Electric resistances

Armour-Clad Electric Resistances for Water Heaters
These resistances can be used for: Pressurised water heaters, open water heaters, pressurised or free boilers.
The amour-clad electric resistances for water heaters are produced to operate immersed in water at a relatively limited maximum temperature, with a high possibility of corrosion if used in hard or chlorinated waters.
Such corrosion can be prevented by using special magnesium anodes.
Manufactured in compliance with European and international safety standards, they guarantee an adequate functionality, heat yield, duration and safety.
The use of resistances with a maximum surface load of 9 W/cm2 is recommended in order to contain the noise level during the heating phase.

• Rated voltage in Volts: 220 single-phase (on request resistance from 110 to 240 V are available)
• Rated power in Watts: from 1000 to 3000 (see table)
• Connections: ISO 228/1 M 1”1/4 GAS thread – Flange ø 48 mm
• Flange Material: Brass EN 12165 - CW 617N
• Diameter of resistance tube: 8.5 mm
• Material of resistance tube: Copper
• Electric connection: Fasten Standard female
• Surface load range: On request
• Thermostat probe door: L = 275 mm with rigid copper rod, bottom of scale 70-80°C single or double safety device in compliance with Standard EN 60730-I ( on request with other values)
• On request with magnesium anode socket