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The variety of gas valves sold

With the aim covering different operational requirements, Gnali Bocia sells a range of gas valves each with different characteristics

One of the systems used in the world of tubing to transport gas are those valves used in gas meters. There are various types, but for use in environments such as residential or public buildings there is not a great deal of difference in the types of valve used.
Gnali Bocia sells valves for common gases and with anti-fraud systems The latest version includes a safety lock with key. This locking system means that only authorised operators are allowed to intervene with the gas valves. This prevents unauthorised persons being placed in danger through any tampering with the valves.
In order to guarantee an appropriate level of certification for the procedures followed, the design, installation and maintenance of the gas installations for domestic use, Gnali Bocia has decided to use the UNI 7129 international standard as a reference. This covers three main areas: internal installations, ventilation of premises, and the removal of combustion by-products. With regards to internal installations, the standard dictates which are the appropriate materials to be used for tubing and for the gas valves. The ventilation of premises also provides for the possible evacuation of gas from the valves if impaired. This is completed with the study of the evacuation of combustion by-products resulting in the event of fire.


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