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The use of water manifolds in heating installations

Water manifolds are used in homes for all heated water sorting installations

Water manifolds are essential components for floor heating installations of homes and offices and for systems that convey heated water in working environments of different types.
This is why Gnali Bocia designs and sells different types of water manifolds. The production caters for different types from the catalogue: manifolds that have from two up to four derivations per product, so as to channel the flow in arrival from the boiler or any other water heating installations down several ways. By doing this a number of different exits can be managed, thus allowing for a more versatile management of the flow that must be sent on to other heat storage systems or that has to flow through the flooring building.
Water manifolds are characterised by a manually operated manoeuvring valve that can be used to interrupt the water flow that runs inside, for example during periodic maintenance operations. The replacement of any pipes connected to the installation is thus made simple.
Water manifolds with female or male type ISO 228 couplings can also be requested.
The water manifolds are usually positioned inside the walls of the buildings and covered by a panel, so that in case of need interventions can be carried out without damaging plastered parts of buildings.


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