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Air vent valves and their important functions

Pressure is controlled by air vent valves, which are able to lower pressure in an environment such as a container

The need to control and maintain certain pressure values in containers has led Gnali Bocia to develop systems that are able to fulfil these objectives.
The air vent valves have an automatic mechanical system that controls and maintains pressure without the assistance of an operator. The air vent valves are made out of brass, a material that is often used in applications of this type. In general, the internal components such as the small levers and springs are made of stainless steel. The fields of air vent valves application are characterised by relatively low temperatures and for this reason Gnali Bocia designs these components by setting the operating temperature at a maximum of 100 °C. The maximum pressure which these valves are designed and dimensioned for is 10 bars.
Gnali Bocia has a rich catalogue that does includes not only air vent valves but also check valves and control valves for fluids such as water.
To ensure free trade within European Union member countries and worldwide, Gnali Bocia complies with all regulations on safety, health protection environmental management. Gnali Bocia can therefore sell its vent valves in all the countries, as its products comply with all standards, among which the ISO 228/1 for the threaded flanks of valves.

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