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The operating principles of water pressure reducers

Robust solutions applied to water pressure reducers in order to safeguard your system

Water pressure reducers are fundamental components within water systems and their operation is crucial to make the whole system work properly. The main role of these components is to keep the fluid pressure constant for the user even if pressure fluctuations occur upstream of the reducer itself.
The particular configuration chosen by Gnali Bocia is that of compensated piston reducers, which guarantee the component an excellent degree of robustness and reliability as well as a high level of precision combined with ease of use of the device.
To better understand the importance and effectiveness of these components, it is important to analyze and outline the parts that constitute it and the working method.

The principle of operation

The water pressure reducers have some fundamental parts which are the ring nut, the spring, the membrane and the rod. The ring nut is essential because it is calibrated in such a way as to establish the spring preload and, consequently, the fluid outlet pressure. The spring regulates the movement of the rod in relation with the incoming water pressure in the reducer. In particular, there are two different and opposite moments between them:

- The user tap is closed: in this case the water pressure generates a force greater than that of the spring and the shutter closes. There is no fluid passage from one side to the other and the system is perfectly closed.

- The user tap is open: in this case the water pressure decreases, generating a force on the membrane lower than that of the spring and opens the shutter ensuring the flow of water to the outlet.

As can be seen from this schematization, the operating principle of compensated piston water pressure reducers is quite basic and consists of a few essential components for the realization. However, we must not forget that there are a number of other components that perform an essential job for correct functioning such as O-rings. Designing correctly and with the appropriate tolerances is a critical aspect to ensure that the reducer works effectively and performs its function at its best.
Despite this, it is important to underline that not only designing the component correctly is essential, but correct installation and periodic maintenance are also essential, as water carries with it a series of impurities that can damage the reducer causing more or less important problems to the system. A preventive action can be taken by placing a filter in the inlet channel of the reducer that cleans the incoming water, reducing damage and increasing the useful life of the device, thus constituting an advantage not only from an economic point of view. but also considering the safety of the plant itself.


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