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High automation for installing the safety valves

Modern systems for the assembly of safety valves in the Lumezzane plants.

When we talk about safety valves we must distinguish between two large families, the one destined to the safety of gas burners and the one for the prevention of overpressure in the systems in which they are present or a boiler or an electric boiler. These are products that have been developed and manufactured in brass thanks to our many years of experience.
In particular, the safety valves for boilers are devices that do not block the flow, but discharge excess pressure preventing dangerous explosions in the plants. This is thanks to a spring system which, if the safety pressure is exceeded, open, allowing excess water to escape to rebalance the system.
These safety valves are assembled on highly automated systems that allow to obtain a perfect product in all its functions, but also to test each piece before final packaging. This allows us to ensure the customer always functional safety valves and to meet the requirements that the law requires on quality control. Documentation on PED certification can also be provided on request.


See also
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27/09/2016 Safety valve for boiler approved in accordance with the PED directive Safety valve for boiler made in brass on numerical control machines at the Lumezzane plants

27/02/2016 Using safety valves equipped with thermocouple Safety valves for intercepting gas if the flame dies.

27/04/2013 Safety provisions of the valves offered by Gnali Bocia Safety valves are designed to work on contact with hot water accumulation systems for sanitary installations

27/07/2015 The safety valves designed and produced according to PED guidelines Structures protected from overpressures through the use of safety valves, manufactured by GNALI BOCIA

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