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Gas taps with safety valve: functionality and constitution

The role of gas taps with safety valve in systems, types and an aid in the choice.

The gas taps are fundamental components within every system because they allow the passage, regulation and blocking of the gas inflow at any time using a knob. The safety valves, on the other hand, are necessary components to prevent any malfunction or failure of the system from having harmful consequences for the nearby rooms or for the persons who are in contact with the system. For these reasons, their coupling allows a greater degree of safety and better management of the flow and, in general, of the system itself.
The safety valves present within the Gnali Bocia catalog are of different types and can meet the needs of different customers. In particular, the underlying operating principle can be either connected to the measured pressure value, which must not exceed a certain threshold in order not to cause risks, or connected to a thermocopy that evaluates the presence of the flame produced by the burner and, if not present, it interrupts the gas flow avoiding excessive and uncontrolled leaks in the environment.
Also the taps present in the catalog are of different types and suitable for applications that range over numerous fields, from cylinders used for welding through systems equipped with boilers up to multi-way ramps.
Choosing the correct type of gas tap with safety valve represents the first step and, therefore, a targeted design and study of the system is required. In any case, given the wide range of choices, it is always possible to find the suitable model that meets both the specifications and the needs of each customer.

The importance of proper installation and maintenance

Like all components that are in contact with flammable gases or dangerous fluids, the installation represents a fundamental starting point for reducing risks and extending the useful life of the components. Avoiding damage during installation, properly checking the system and the characteristic pressure values, correctly calibrating all the indicators used are just some of the basic precautions that must be taken in the initial phase. Furthermore, it is extremely important to regularly proceed with the maintenance of these components and, if necessary, with their replacement, should any operating anomalies occur that affect both the function they perform and safety.

The regulation of gas taps with safety valve

In Europe, for the regulation and safety of the systems there is the 2014/68 / EU legislation, commonly defined PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), which governs all the phases of the construction of pressure systems and the components used inside them. The basis of this standard is the identification of the level of danger related to any component that is built on the basis of technical specifications, physical variables and maximum permitted levels.

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