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Boiler safety valves do not always leak because they are faulty

There are other, more important things that can cause a boiler safety valve to drip without blaming the product

The safety valve for the boiler is an essential automatic component for the system. Its main role is to prevent the pressure from rising above an excessively dangerous value, which is about 3 bar for normal wall-mounted boilers: if this value is exceeded, the valve acts automatically going to discharge the excess pressure and bringing the system back to ideal operating conditions. In fact, if this device is not working, you could run the risk of having an excessive pressure on the pipe and this could lead to a sudden explosion with all the risks deriving from it both for the health of people who are in the vicinity and for the safety of the system itself.

The dripping of the safety valve for the boiler

Sometimes it may happen that the safety valve has persistent and constant dripping and one is led to think that the problem is due to the component itself and to its sub-optimal construction. This, however, is not entirely true and the problems that are downstream are usually different.
The main causes that can identify this type of problem are:
- Presence of limestone flakes released by the plant;
- Excessive cold pressure of the system;
- Incorrect inflation of the expansion vessel.

As for the first problem, limestone is formed inside the pipes and tends to be transported to the gasket area afterwards, a fundamental element for sealing the safety valve for the boiler. In this position, the limestone is placed under the gasket, not allowing perfect housing and functioning and therefore leading to dripping. The solution for this specific cause is given by cleaning the system which must be carried out with specific products aimed at eliminating this chemical compound.

The excessive cold pressure of the system is mainly due to the inexperience of the novice user who fails to load. The control and correction, in this case, are simple and consist in measuring and evaluating the pressure through a simple pressure gauge.
Last reason, even if in importance and gravity it is the most problematic, it is linked to the rupture or incorrect inflation of the expansion vessel. The check is simple and consists of unscrewing the lid of the vessel and checking: if no air comes out, it is discharged and must be inflated with a normal compressor up to a pressure of about one bar; if, however, water comes out, the component must be replaced because the internal membrane has deteriorated.

As seen, therefore, the problems can be manifold and the main method to avoid them is related to the correct maintenance and cleaning of the system, as well as effective loading. All this allows you to save both in terms of time and in terms of costs but, mainly, allows you to increase the safety level of the system.



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