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The versatility of GNALI BOCIA's water manifolds

The water manifolds produced by GNALI BOCIA; a versatile, scalable and reliable product

Beginning with the pressing of semi-finished product of considerable dimensions, derived from CW617N brass, begins GNALI BOCIA’s production chain for water manifolds. The subsequent processes are carried out in the Lumezzane facilities, by the use of latest-generation CNC (Computer Numerical Control) utensil machinery.
It’s then obtained a full range of water manifolds that can satisfy all planning needs for modern installations in the fields of both industrial and civil thermohydraulics. The versatility of water manifolds derives from their modularity as well as from the possibility, for some of the models, to regulate the flow through the integrated taps. This latter characteristic allows, in fact, a correct balancing of flow-distributive installations. The possibility of having 2, 3 and even 4-way articles, allows an expandability adequate to any necessity.
The water manifolds are manufactured with threaded connections, which allow them to be connected both to threaded-brass-fittings & hoses-connectors for the linkage with plastic or multi-layered tubes, which, in recent years, have become increasingly popular in the worldwide market.


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