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Key features of brass threaded fittings

The threads and above all the parameters for the use of brass threaded fittings

A wide range of brass threaded fittings is available in the GNALI BOCIA catalogue, articles made from raw material certified by suppliers. The careful choice of the latter ensures compliance of the alloys both with technical demands and with international certification.
Both CW614N bars, from which it is possible to obtain forms for turning and milling directly, and semi-finished products obtained by forging starting from sections of CW617N material, are used. Especially in operations of forging brass threaded fittings, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the cooling of the semi-finished item. A proper cooling makes the structure of the metal uniform, in order not to create weak points which may give rise to corrosion phenomena when the pieces are mounted and come into contact with water.
Brass threaded fittings are manufactured according to ISO 228/1, but on request they can also be made according to other standards such as ISO 7, DIN 2999, Metric BS 21, and ISO R / 262.
The maximum permitted operating conditions of this range of items is 120° for the maximum temperature and a pressure which can reach up to 16 bar.
All brass threaded fittings are manufactured at the plants in Lumezzane, in a production cycle which is regulated and controlled according to the dictates of ISO 9001, which ensure a safe, reliable and long-lasting product in the interests of system and people safety.



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